1. 2011 Schedule of Events

    Official Schedule!!!

    Bike Generator Stage:

    12:00pm GG Noise

    12:15pm Eatin’ 

    12:30pm The Many Peoples Band

    12:45pm Deafbabe

    1:00pm Scouter

    1:20pm Hyena

    1:40pm Secret Jones

    2:00pm Melodeego

    2:20pm Arvid Noe

    2:40pm Chris North Dream Quartet

    3:00pm Brunt of It

    3:20pm New Highway Hymnal

    3:40pm Fat History Month

    4:00pm Doomstar!

    Acoustic Hang:

    11:00pm Christa Gniadek

    11:30pm Dandy & Andrew

    12:00pm Susanna Kavee

    12:30pm Tayla Roberge

    1:00pm Reeling Kites

    1:30pm Heather Foxwell

    2:00pm Sonny Jim

    2:30pm OPEN JAM!!

    3:00pm Little Liars

    3:30pm Deezy and the Brobots

    4:00pm Wounded Knees

    5:00pm The Hogstompers

    5:30pm Mornin’ Old Sport


    Stream 1:

    12:00pm Direct Action 101

    1:00pm Radical Self Defense Training

    2:00pm Know Your Rights

    3:00pm Self-Care in the Toxic Age

    4:00pm Women & Feminism in Music and Media

    5:00pm Eco-Feminism and Connecting the Dots of Climate Change

    Stream 2:

    12:00pm Alternative Menstrual/Contraceptive Products

    1:00pm Medic Workshop

    2:00pm Poi & Hooping

    3:00pm TBA

    4:00pm Fix-A-Flat

    5:00pm Make Your Own Sauerkraut