1. About Allston D.I.Y. Fest

    Allston DIY Fest Main Event

    July 21st 10am-6pm at Ringer Park in Allston, MA

    Contact us at: allstondiyfest@gmail.com

    Two years have come and gone since the first ever Allston D.I.Y Fest, and we couldn’t be more excited for what is an amazing blend of musicians, activists, artists, artisans, friends, comrades, family and neighbors who will be a part of this year’s extravagant event. Founded on punk, anarcho-communist, anti-authoritarian family values, the festival is organized non-hierarchically in a series of open, transparent meetings — even YOU can join in on the planning/discussion TODAY!

    Allston DIY Fest is a free, all-ages, sober festival celebrating DIY culture, freedom of individual expression, community building and alternative education, promoting a gift economy in place of money and oppressive consumerism.

    What has changed? The second year expanded on the first year, and this year is building up to be the even better than last year! You’ll see a more diverse lineup of bands, a record swap, a book swap, and stimulating skill shares and workshops. This third year is about the future of the festival. While still maintaining the ethics and mantra of last year, one must recognize that every D.I.Y. fest is made unique by new waves of participation. Old friends have come back to help, but for the most part the sustainability of such a wonderful event is the first thing on the minds of the collective that put this together. Allston’s D.I.Y. culture has flourished over the past three years. We hope to see it grow even more.

    We encourage everyone to bring their art, non-powered instruments, hoops and other toys to the park!! If you have any questions at all or want to get involved, please email us today! AllstonDIYFest@gmail.com

    Please respect the park and respect all the people in it, helping us create a safer space by keeping oppressive language and behavior away. Racism, religious discrimination, sexism, agism, classism, sizeism, ableism, transphobia and homophobia are uncool and unwelcome!!!

    We thank you for coming to Allston today - we hope you stay. Remember: Respect the place, clean up after yourself, and let’s continue to build community!

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