1. Illustration by Adric Giles, Animation by Clay Adamczyk 

  2. PILE will be playing the electric stage this year! Veterans of the music scene in Boston, they‘ve been playing since before most college students arrived. Check out this AWESOME WECB interview and performance of “Came as a Glow” which appears on their 2010 album “Magic Isn’t Real,” followed up by “big web seven inch” which was released late last year. 

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  3. adric @ pencapchew.org

  5. Eaten live at Allston DIY Fest!!

  6. On the look out for hippies at Allston DIY Fest, with anther good look into Hyena’s set and the bicycle powered stage. 


  7. 13 Shots from Allston DIY Fest by Phoenix photographer TY UEDA  

  8. Just a glimpse into Acoustic Hang closer, Mornin’ Old Sport

  9. zgraves:

    Wounded Knees Live at the Allston DIY Fest today

    Such a fun festival, wish I coulda stuck around longer

    Hope you enjoy!

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